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Jump Starting A Car and Other Battery Tips


Tip 01

Backup power and connectors: Lights off / accessories unplugged. All it takes is one light left on overnight or accessories plugged in while your car is off and guess what? Your battery is dead before you know it. If it’s too late, make sure you have jumper cables on hand, or better yet, a self-powering car battery jumper in your trunk.


Tip 02

Conserve energy: “Just say no” to short trip after short trip. Your battery requires time to charge. If you take frequent short trips, this can result in inconstistent charge levels and/or a drained battery.


Tip 03

Professional maintenance: Failure is not an option. Always have a qualified professional inspecting your electrical systems. We offer a full electrical system check and have certified ASE technicians on staff.


Tip 04

Keep it cool: Parking in cooler locations (covered garages) in hotter climates can help, but your best bet is to have your battery tested, at the very least, before summer. Prepare for the worst and you may just avoid it altogether. That’s a win-win situation there.


Tip 05

Clean it up: Make sure your vehicle’s battery terminals are kept clean and free of corrosion.


Tip 06

Timely up-keep: Always have a qualified professional maintain your electrical system and make sure to have quality replacement parts installed when existing electrical system parts fail.


Quick Tips: Jumping a Battery

Tip 01

Never connect the black cable to the negative (–) terminal on your dead battery. This is very dangerous, as it could result in an explosion.

Tip 02

Make sure you follow the instructions in your owner’s manual when jump starting your vehicle. Every car is different. Trust us. We’re experts. 

Warning: Do not, under any circumstance, attempt to connect loose wires. Unless you are a certified technician, leave the dangerous stuff to us. If you mishandle the wiring, it’s very easy to short out expensive computer components and put yourself in harm’s way.